7/22/2023: Cleaned up the site some more, fixing typos and making sure all pages were organized just how I want them.

7/21/2023: Today I actually made significant changes! I rearranged the hyperbolic pages a little bit, so they're now all located under /page/hyper. This was in anticpiation of the newest page to this site, /page/tilings ! It's pretty much complete, I just need to actually create the p=2 column, and write up the patterns for 2-gons and octogons.

7/8/2023: Oops it's been basically a year. I added some ideas to my to-do list.

11/23/2022: I'm back after several months! A friend expressed interest in my intro to art course, so I wanted to set some of that up. Days 1 through 5 are now available at /page/artlessons !

7/19/2022: Wrote the Virgo constellation page.

7/18/2022: Added some things on /todo.

6/2/2022: Wait I just realized that changelogs are for the actual minutiae, not overviews... oops. Ok so to recap I have lots of content on this site now. The pages that need work at this point are: Art Lessons, Disks*, Fortunatus, Pillowcases, and all the constellation and myth pages besides Leo, Leo Minor, Berenice's Hair, Big Dipper, and Furnace. So yeah. I just need to fully make all of those pages, plus any more I think of in the future (*I only have to write the pattern on this page, everything else is done).

6/2/2022: I haven't updated the changelong recently, but I have been in the process of actually making the content of this site. I finally took pictures of all my projects, and as I've been uploading them into each of the pages, I've been writing the exposition as well. This is reflected by the storage on Neocities; a week and a half ago I was using less than 1% of the allotted 1GB, now it's up to almost 8%! I also tweaked the front page, since that's technically the most important one right? So now the links actually bring you to some interesting content, rather than WIP pages.

5/22/2022: After several days of cobbling together a couple of Javascript programs, I actually have the tagging system of my dreams! That is, if you click on a tag (from the All Tags page, or from a list of tags on any other page), it takes you to a list of all pages that have that tag! I'd say this might mark the "official" opening of my site, as it now has a nice tool for navigation and exploration of the site. From now on, all I'll be doing is adding new pages, tagging them with the relevant tags, and letting my site do the rest! How conspicuous that today is the 3 month anniverary of my account creation :)

5/17/2022: Finally made a bunch of pages, so at least they exist even if they're empty of real content for now. I was getting annoyed at all the broken links I created.

5/15/2022: Whoops it's been 2 months. I added the Constellations page! Who knows how long it'll take me to write pages on all 88 constellations...

3/12/2022: Spent about 3 hours learning Jinja and Novov's Trakai, then I realized I don't need to use either! So I scrapped everything and started reorganizing my site by hand. So far I've just made the structure for the /categories page.

2/24/2022 midday: Some cosmetic changes, to make this site a tad more cohesive. I added in some pdfs, and changed the background color!

2/24/2022 morning: Created changelog. The Javascript things are here now! Idk how it happened, they just appeared overnight. I also restructured all the pages here so links look like "" instead of ""

2/23/2022: Learned how to do a little bit of Javascript. I'm not very good at it, it never seems to work right! For example, the "Last updated" and "Visitor count" functions aren't showing up :P

2/22/2022: Happy 2's Day! I created a Neocities account. Now I know what html is!