Berenice's Hair

How to find it

Find Leo, and the star Arcturus in Boötes. Between theses should be a couple of dim stars, in roughly a right angle.

What it looks like

It's really just like 3 stars this time. Apparently there's a ton of cool galaxies and stuff where the 4th point of the square should be, but I think you need a telescope to see them. Idk how this looks like hair, but apparently it used to be Leo's tail, so maybe that's something.


Berenice was an ancient Egyptian queen whose husband went off to war somewhere. She prayed for his safe return, promising Aphrodite she'd cut off her hair in exchange. He came back, so she cut it off and put it in the temple. But the next day it was gone!!!! :o

So this priest was like "oh wait look up at the sky" and omg wow there's a new constellation! Aphrodite loved the hair so much she put it among the stars.

Other Stuff

Berenice's Hair is the only constellation named after a real-life human being who actually lived!

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