Leo Minor

How to find it

Find the Big Dipper. Normally you use the right-most two stars to draw a line going up, which finds you Polaris. To find Leo Minor, use those same two stars, but go down. Before you run into the bright star Regulus in Leo (major), there should be some faint stars in between. In fact, the brightest star in Leo Minor lines up more closely with the line drawn from the Big Dipper than Regulus does. So.

What it looks like

Idk it's just 5 stars? You can barely even see them in the picture. I guess the 4 in a diamond are like the body, and then the one extra one to the right is the head. That's all I got.


Leo minor was invented later as one of the modern constellations, so there's no real lore to it. It's just Leo but smaller. And its also next to the Lynx. So this is just the cat part of the sky.

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