Ranking How Well the 88 Constellations Look Like the Things They're Supposed To

Note: Under construction! I'll fill this out as I learn about each one.

  1. Dolphin - You've gotta be joking. How is it possible that the stars made a perfect representation of a dolphin, and using only 5 stars!?!? Impeccable. No notes.
  2. Scorpio - The claws and hooked stinger are well-shaped, and the bright star Antares only adds to its visibility. One of my favorite constellations to look at!
  3. Great Bear - If it was just the Big Dipper, this would be ranked first. However, the bear is too stretched out for it to be on top. But really that's just nitpicking; these stars definitely make a bear!
  4. Leo - Very bright, and the mane is well-defined. However, points must be docked for how much it looks like a mouse.
  5. Virgo - I always have trouble finding all of its component stars, but once I do, I'm pleased by how much it looks like a stick figure.
  6. Little Bear - Again, if it was called "Little Dipper," it would be in the top 3. This takes the main flaw of the Great Bear -- the tail -- and makes it even worse! Stack that on top of losing the legs and head, and this constellation really falters.
  7. Cassiopeia - Hot take: Cassiopeia is not a great constellation. It's not that bright, the W is janky, and it really doesn't give the vibe of "queen sitting in a throne."
  8. Leo Minor - Not great. Like I guess I can see that there's a head on the right and a body on the left? But the proportions are all off.
  9. Furnace - This constellation sucks, but at least I can kind of imagine the different parts of the furnace.
  10. Berenice's Hair - It's 3 stars in a right angle. I can't even pretend to see anything in it.