How to find it

Find Orion. Taurus is found to the right and a bit up, on the opposite side of Orion's shield.

What it looks like

Taurus is a bull in the zodiac, and the constellation shows the front half of one in 3/4 view, charging towards Orion. The most prominent part of Taurus are 5 bright stars making up a V, the brighest being red and the leftmost of them. This star is Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull. The V of stars makes up the bull's pointed face and snout, facing downwards. Quite a ways up, in the opposite direction of the point of the V, there are two relatively bright stars that are kinda level with each other. These are the tips of Taurus' horns. They're pretty massive compared to its face. To the right of the V, is a small cluster of stars. These are the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. They represent the shoulder of the bull. Below the V, are a couple more stars that evoke the legs of the bull.



Other Stuff

The space between the Pleiades and the face of Taurus is called the Golden Gate of the Ecliptic. This is because the ecliptic runs through that space, and thus the Sun, Moon, and all planets travel through the two sets of stars.

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