Day 6: Learn About Color

For day 6, we're pulling out the tv again. This time, we're headed over to tiktok, so I hope you have an account lol

First the color matching guy

Then some color theory guy,

The back to color matching

Get paint, color match activity!

Day 7: color project

Color theory paintings

Day 8: Bob Ross

Day 9: learn about perspective

Day 10: perspective project

Day 11: learn about texture

Day 12: texture project

Copy a drawing from an art book Elements of art: focus on line: Contour line - hands, leaves Draw room/big still life Form/shadow/shading - observe shadow on sphere, perhaps I go first. Then she does one. Bowl of fruit still life, with shading and contour Color theory - tiktok color matching, tiktok color wheel guy GET PAINT match color irl Color theory paintings like mine Perhaps try drawing a photo in either paint or pencil Bob ross Perspective teach Perspective exercise - make something up!!! :o Texture stuff Crosshatching Cloth More advanced design principles: mainly composition. What makes a picture interesting? Negative space, placement of shapes, where the eye goes, etc Make a new still life (shoes?) Draw switch draw switch draw switch Figure drawing - pose each other Negative space? Terminology - -->